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Tiger’s identity is tied to increasing the BAR. The what?

How can you compete at the Masters as soon as your identity has been shattered?

Sure Tiger has won 4 Pros Tournaments, and he might actually win his 5th this weekend… we will see. However, his personal life is affected. His identity was revealed. The results that we have been visiting since last Thanksgiving with Tiger is really a excellent index of his beliefs.

So that means that what we’re seeing in Tiger’s life recently was really due to beliefs he adopted some time ago. For any reason Tiger’s beliefs had him thinking that he was untouchable as it came into extramarital affairs, and maybe taking illegal growth hormone chemicals (that is still speculation).

The thrill of doubt, and the importance factor Tiger obtained from these girls were powerful enough to change his belief system to it is okay to do exactly what he was doing. That rush became addicting to himand he kept seeking it out. Who knows what the true number of women he had affairs with – which does not really matter. What does matter is that his beliefs, and his individuality have been shown for the world to see. So what’s next?

From the Dream Bar Cafe system we say that all outcomes are lagging indicators of some-thing else.

That is why we put heavy emphasis on increasing your own BAR (Belief, Action, Result) cycle. Change one variable and you will see a outcome. Change a few factors, and you will see exponential results.

Just how can Tiger get back to adjusting his beliefs? Only by stepping up and moving through the complete DREAM BAR CAFE system will he know what Drives himand what his motives are for doing what he has been doing – showing his identity.

Do you think he had been thinking about them when he let his beliefs denigrate into the level they were at before this all came out? His identity as a Playboy became so powerful that nothing else mattered – as it came into the thrill of the chase. Please don’t misunderstand me… I feel that Tiger loves his loved ones, his wife Elin, his two children, his Mother, his Faith in Buddhism, and his aggressive golfing career. I’m positive of this truth.

What occurred was that Tiger gradually chipped away at his belief system that his parents instilled in him from a young age. He began discovering that his life has to be mixed up, and have a little uncertainty thrown in. He allowed his beliefs to slide, which resulted in taking risky activities, and so the outcomes which became evident.

Will his match be effected during this weeks Masters Tournament? Probably not. He still has those superb competitive beliefs that he’s the worlds greatest golfer – which shouldn’t have changed. This week is also feeding his other individual needs of certainty, doubt, love & value. So I do not think you will need to worry about him… he’ll do just fine. This is Tiger’s week to shine in the spotlight and get his individual needs fulfilled and his tank full.

Whether you like Tiger or dislike him does not matter. Now you can see where and how Tiger’s individuality went astray – by knowing your thoughts and feelings have an immediate influence on your results. Now you can use this in your own life to make the results that you select.

There’s one caveat to look out for with Tiger, and on your life. It is possible to alter an action and get a different result – for a while… however, if you don’t change your view, your identity will certainly kick-in and you’re going to snap right back to exactly the same person you were before. That is because you can never exceed what your identity will allow.

Interesting is not it? Give it some thought on your life… and increase your BAR.

P.S.. Who will make the coveted Green Jacket? I’d say it is the individual with the strongest belief in themselves, and the player who knows, and implements the Dream Bar Cafe system finest.

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